Stephen Gomez

About Stephen F. Gomez

I don’t want to waste this space with lines of self-promotion and accomplishments. If I could connect you with past clients I’m sure they’d do a better job explaining to you why they continue to recommend my team again and again! If you have expectations of how you should be treated as a customer, perfect!… Let’s surpass those expectations! The point is to help you reach your goals and what resonates with people the most is active listening and complete focus on what you’re trying to achieve. I constantly evaluate client’s experience and then continue to improve that experience. I truly don’t think there are many others that perceive the relationship with clients the way I do. I believe the best way to build a business is to always think long term and the only way to think long term is with ecstatic clients. I have substantial knowledge from so many components that have come from decades of loving and living and learning and eating and breathing all things even remotely related to real estate. It just feels different to be guided by someone that wakes up every day with fervor for homes, smart home technology, real estate investing and all new subjects that pop up on a daily basis.